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Welcome to the La Huasteca!

About us

Welcome to our restaurant! We strive to bring you the most authentic Mexican food available. We are originally from Mexico and want to share our proud heritage with the greater Grand Rapids area. We want you to feel at home when you come to La Huasteca so we treat everyone like family.

Our pork tamales are a family tradition that date back to 1920's. My great grandmother invented them when she came up with a "new" red sauce that is called CHILPAN. It takes up to 8 hours just to make sauce which is made with 6 different kinds of peppers. SHHHHHH (secret recipe). My great grandmother passed the recipe down to her daughter, my grandma Nunila. Eventually, Nunila started making them to sell to everyone. She used to sell up to 240 tamales per day. Eventually, Nunila passed the this secret family recipe to my mom. Now she is the one that makes these amazing tamales. Nunila is no longer with us but her tamales live on!